It’s an extravirgin olive oil produced for 70% by olives called “Nocellara” and for the remaining 30% by olives called “Biancolilla”. The “Nocellara” represents the best quality between all the kinds of olives used in production of extravirgin olive oil, which is particularly intense and substantial.

It is a big and tasty olive which can be produced both green and black, with a solid and crisp flesh and a lightly bitterness flavor, the pit is easy to remove making it excellent also as a table olive.

Once the oil is extracted it presents acidity to a lesser extent and a density of mean value. Its colour is green with golden yellow tints and a lightly fruity fragrance of olive with a smell of grass, lightly bitterness and spicy with an aftertaste of almond, artichoke and green tomato.

It’s important to highlight the premium guarantee compared with others varieties of used olives, thanks to a serious method of production that includes the use of strict rules and accurate traditional techniques.

“Infinito” is an oil produced only through a cold squeezing out. The harvest, the squeezing out and the bottling are completely made in Italy.

The extravirgin Olive Oil is a precious asset for all those who love good cooking. This is a certainty. It is a typical Italian resource made of: work, passion, intelligence, competence, typicalness, respect of traditions, authenticity.

It is known as “ extravirgin oil” in order to emphasize the fact that it is formed by pure and simple juice obtained by the mechanical squeezing of olives, through grinding and compression. It’s one of a few oils with a raised smoke point, (about 210°) which makes it very suitable for flavorful fried food and is also considered one of the most steady.

This oil is excellent to add flavor to food, to season salad and to conserve agricultural and fishing products. Its use is suggested thanks to the presence inside of unsaturated fatty acids whose antioxidant substances decrease cholesterol. Olive oil includes a millennial factory that, with the human development, has gradually improved its tools, always respecting traditions.